Baselworld 2010: Rebellion T-1000 Jazzes Up the Exhibition

Just when you thought that Baselworld 2010 could not get any better, you came across Rebellion T-1000! It is one of those watches which can make you jump out of your seat in excitement and scream out loud. The first time I saw this watch, it suddenly hit me that the business of horology has made astonishing advancements.

Studded with 22 rubies and made of 14 ceramic, this watch has more than just good looks, it has a power reserve of 1000-hours. It also features 6 mainspring barrels, a double hairspring, and two small chains. This watch will certainly have a bright future in the market, not to mention its killer charm and magnetic looks.

The undisputed combination of titanium case and the aluminum chassis compliments the black alligator leather strap. It has a patented push-button clutch system that is used to set time. This water-resistant watch is a limited edition piece, only 100 pieces have been unleashed in the market. The three ridges on its either side make the watch look sturdy and masculine.

This watch has been designed in collaboration with Eric Giroud, and can give almost all the watches of its league a run for their money.

via: watchismo

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