Audi Design Collaborates With Erwin Sattler to Create a Table Clock

Audi has designed a table clock for Munich-based watchmaker Erwin Sattler. Audi like Porsche is also a prominent German auto maker known for its high end high performance cars. After consolidation of the automobile industry both Audi and Porsche form part of the same corporate group and are free to learn from the best practices of each other. Audi like Porsche has also set up its own design consultancy. Audi Concept Design Studio based in Munich is now taking up a variety of projects ranging from pianos to foosball tables. They were known more for their engineering excellence but this design initiative has released their creative energies.

The Clock is Housed in a Case Made of Safety Glass

The table clock designed by Audi was unveiled in Switzerland at the Baselworld watch and jewelry show. The clock is housed in a transparent shell that allows a clear view of technical details. Two ruthenium-coated clasps hold the high-frequency mechanical movement. The precise edges and the clock’s inner workings are a fine example of the values dear to both Audi and Erwin Sattler: superb technical performance, uncompromising quality and a love for detail. About a foot high, the clock has been created in a minimalist design. The glass case is made of a single layer of safety glass. André Georgi, Head of Product Design at the Audi Concept Design Studio in Munich believes that Design is a reflection of technology and that’s the reason the technical details of the clock has been put on display for everyone to see.

Tischuhr Audi design

Price of the Clock is Expected to be Higher than $10,000

The intricate mechanism of the clock beats 18,000 times every hour to ensure smooth running of the balance wheel. It is a spring that together with the mass of the wheel serves as the motor. The markings on the dial also go with the minimalist design with markings only on quarter hour, half hour and full hour. The intricate clockwork is a fine example of handcrafted precision. The price of the clock has not been disclosed as yet but Erwin Sattler table clocks typically sell for upwards of $10,000 and this clock with its design inputs from Audi Design would naturally be valued higher. However, Erwin Sattler is taking orders for the exclusive table clock.

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