Claudio D’Amore Unveils Arc Shaped Chair Kosha

The arc shaped chair Kosha is handcrafted using thirty three strips of wood, which are assembled with great precision. It is designed by Claudio D’Amore, Swiss-Italian based designer. The lovely form is harmoniously blended with art and design. Kosha word itself suggests sheath or protective sheath. The original innovative comfortable chair with unique functionality offers meditative space with padding which makes you feel comfortable with leather head rest. The design resembling lounge helps you to stretch your feet and legs conveniently through a small door like opening. The reading space has high walls giving you a sort of privacy while you read away from the surround.

There are great niche for dozen of favourite books, and easy to reach them as they are ready any time. You can organize your books well in these shelving units. The built in bookshelves also serve as a place to keep a beverage also.

Claudio D’amore transforms your dull moments into wonderful one in the great company of books. If you are a voracious reader, kosha chair might be placed in your garden to read peacefully close to the nature. The soft pad made of leather provides luxurious seat which facilitates your absorbing reading .The ergonomic design helps you take a relaxed posture supporting your body curve. This is a sort of huge chair which can be modified into a rocking chair. You could give little luxury touch with birch or walnut with varnished gloss. If any unwanted guests visit your place, you could stay away from socializing with them and escape into your solitary chair with a book or a pet cat.



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