Anti-semitism and Galliano’s Damaging Statements Send Shockwaves through Fashion Industry

Nobody is indispensable to any organisation which runs smoothly. This time a big controversy about John Galliano, a famous designer, has been fired by Christian Dior for his antisemetic remarks. So nothing went wrong in the Oscar ceremony as everywhere you could see the popping up of gorgeous outfits of Givenchy.

Several celebrities of Hollywood paraded on the red carpet in the awarding ceremony with striking outfits of Riccardo Tisci. Naomi Campbell, Penelope Cruz, Courtney Love, Beyonce wore Givenchy’s stunning Haute Couture gowns, which were of elegance and beauty. There is a lot of rumours and speculation that at present, the renowned figure of fashion industry Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy replaced Mr. Galliano.

Being a publicly known person, one cannot go to the street in a drunken state to blurt out whatever comes to your mind which will be known to the whole world within a second. This is what Galliano, did! He made anti-Semitic remarks in a drunken state loudly. The Dior house immediately terminated Galliano’s contract with decision of suspension for verbal abuse “I love Hitler”, with supporting video of the allegation.

Beyonce wore Givenchy’s attire before two days earlier to the fashion week and Oscar ceremony. Even Kate Moss changed her mind about wedding dress of Galliano on the red carpet ceremony. Tisci has announced the news to his friends unofficially, but the official announcement of Dior would be made most probably in September. The next time you open your big trap, be careful for you never know what might just come out of that big one! It could land you in serious trouble or cost you your job!

Via: Dailymail


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