Anthropologies’ Sweet Sentinel Hand Bag Inspired by Rare Birds and Spring

Anthropologies’ Sweet Sentinel hand bag has the painting of the colorful bird sitting on a branch on cotton fabric, which signifies the spring though it is still the winter. The bag is created with a combination of cotton and leather. Using the leather ribbons, the yellow colored metallic rings are stitched in and out. There are three pockets with cotton inside lining, used to hold things such as feminine products, mobile phone, cosmetics, wallets, keys etc.

Every woman is special and feels special when she carries her dream bag. The chirpy looking bird on the bag could make for a great conversation starter too. Naturally this creates an interest in the stranger and the one who carries the bag could easily drag the other person to a conversation.  The concepts of a chirpy bird and the spring help them remember the olden days and pleasant refreshing mornings which are welcomed by the singing birds in their shrill tone.

Unfortunately, mornings in the modern world are dreary without the songs of cute little birdies, and this could make for an intelligent conversation topic.  The bag’s measurements are 10″H x 15″W x 10″D, 7″. So go ahead, and get this bird inspired bag, and make sure that you are the centre of attraction!

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