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A Porsche Design Indicator Timepiece Costs Over three times the Price of Porsche 911 Car

Porsche Design is known for making exclusive chronographs with innovative functions. Their creative design team has been coming up with unusual and stunning designs for the last three decades and they have now created a fan base for themselves who wait in anticipation for the next creation. The Porsche Design store in Dubai Mall is now selling a limited edition watch. This is an exclusive creation even by Porsche’s standards as it sells for over three times the price of a standard Porsche model car. A signature Porsche 911 sells for just over Dh300,000 whereas, this watch has been priced at Dh990,000.

The Porsche Design Indicator timepiece has been designed by the carmaker and their design team. The watch has been actually produced by Eterna. The Porsche Design is known for their use of unusual material and this watch has also been made with 18 carat rose gold, natural rubber and titanium. Only 50 pieces of this exclusive indicator watch will be made. Only eleven pieces were committed to be made in this design and at this price and they have been made available already. This is the second such watch which the Dubai Mall store has received.

The watch face has a stopwatch and a second timer. The unusual feature of the watch is that its dial turns red from green if the power levels go low. The natural movement on the wrist will keep the Indicator powered, but if it does run low it can be recharged by rewinding also. Wael al Takhin, the general manager for Porsche Design in the UAE confirms that demand for exclusive designs is very high. People don’t want to see the others wearing the same thing. The Dubai Mall Store had ordered two pieces of the Porsche Design Indicator watch. The first piece was delivered in 2009 and was sold to the owner of a global drinks chain. This piece was delivered a few months back and will surely go to some affluent customer who is passionate about Porsche and watches.

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