A Futuristic Sleek Hi-Tech and Green Transparent Floating Rails Design

If there were a Time Machine and we could really travel in to future world, we will encounter a very hi-tech green world because that’s what realities, technology and futuristic designs promise. Take look at this awesome transparent floating rail design, it is an electromagnetic rail which rides much above ground level,  has sleek rail cars that have transparent walls on sides with hi-tech interactivity and all of it  is powered by wind and solar energy.

The duo designers Elisa Sayuri Irokawa and Rafael Osmar de Oliveira e Costa have given a preview of sleek futuristic city transport through their design. Given the reality of limited natural resources, climate change and overcrowded cities with choked roads, modern cities will need such a public transport which is hi-tech, runs on alternate energy and is also sophisticated.

The techno savvy urbanites will demand green public transport with all sophistication like OLED panel, Wi-Fi internet, headphone jack, Bluetooth and all interactive technology in near future. The overall rail design is awesome – it runs high above the city and transparent sides will give unhindered view of the city for commuters and tourists.

They say necessity is mother of all inventions, let us hope this design of hi-tech transparent floating rails will become a reality in near future and we get a chance to float away smoothly in cities where commuting is nightmare right now.

Via Yanko Design

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