$9,800 Panthère de Cartier Fountain Pen has an Art Deco style

Cartier is one of the grandest fashion and luxury house from France, which continues to rule the world of luxury even after 164 years. In fact, the company knows what luxury is, and how fashion is different from luxury and both can’t be mutually inclusive. They are known for their wild animal prints and also the motifs that depict hunting scenes and animal skins. This time around, they have unveiled a grand fountain pen that costs $9,800 and is inspired by panthers.

The $9,800 Panthère de Cartier fountain pen has an Art Deco style look, and seems to be one of the most elegant pens that I have come across. The Panthère de Cartier comes with lustrous palladium-finished silver trim on the pen’s cap. You can also find an amazing cabochon-cut onyx gem on the barrel. What sets the pen apart from the rest of them is the black lacquer spots and green, favourite eyes. There would be just 188 pieces and you would really have to hurry up, if you plan to buy the cool fountain pen.

There couldn’t be anything better than this, and I must say it takes my breath away. This limited edition Cartier pen could be used as heirlooms that could be preserved for decades or given as gifts to be cherished forever. You could also read about Cartier, and French Luxury that we had written about earlier. Go ahead, and buy this pen, and I am sure you would not regret your choice because of its allure and elegance.

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