2012 Cirrus Aircraft Comes with an Extra Fifth Seat!

Ascension Air offers pilots and individuals insurance and hangar for its well equipped 2012 Cirrus Aircraft SR22Ts. This is on a fractional ownership basis, on down payment of $10,000 or a flat payment of $2000 a month. The deal covers concierge services, unscheduled or scheduled maintenance and more. A noteworthy feature of the 2012 Cirrus SR22 is a single-engine, with its remarkable suite of avionics and safety capabilities. The new SR22 is a more authentic flying machine with a fifth seat option, e-mail, texting, voice calling, and satellite communications system with global weather forecasting system.  The basic features of the airplane is similar to that of the 2001 model with updated improvements such as a fifth seat, perspective cockpit and LED exterior lights.

Cirrus refers to the 2012 model, as if it is a magical option creating a small extra seat in the middle allowing some additional inches in the back and making side panels tapered in the interior without changing the air frame. The new option allows five, but not five adults. The seat accommodates a small child and four adults. Cirrus design of rear seating in 2012 model is a new feature according to the standards of light-airplane. The design gives you an extraordinary amount of loading flexibility. The seat backs are separated in a 60-40 split, and the new seating option fulfills all your needs.

Cirrus offers an upgraded safety with improved anchors for rear seats which could be used by occupants with kids in child seats.   The overall effect is safer with extra loading flexibility, sleeker and cleaner look with improved and comfortable rear seating area. It is a pleasure to fly in the airplane.


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