12 Of The World’s Most Expensive Gadgets And Hi-Tech Accessories

If you have the money to splurge of the world’s most expensive gadgets and tech accessories, here is a range of hi-tech goodies that are sure to appeal to any gadget freak. From a gold Blackberry Torch to cables with gold contacts and a $50,000 Bluetooth headset, there is something for everybody.

1. Domenica Vacca iPad Alligator Case

When money is not a concern, consider indulging your trusty iPad with these luxe iPad cases. Mind you, these are not just any iPad cases, they are made of alligator leather and come with the Domenica Vacca stamp. The one problem is that it will not allow you to switch your iPad to landscape mode. But you can ignore the odd glitch, for these babies are available in 25 colors.

Price: $3,900

2. 18-Carat Gold Blackberry Torch

If you are addicted to your Blackberry, consider upgrading from your plastic-bodied Blackberry Torch. Amosu has come up with an 18-carat gold version of the Torch that is available in a sleek champagne avatar.

Price: $31,095

3. Grand Cinema C3X Lumis 3D-Solo

Here is a 3D projector to beat all others. The Lumis 3D-Solo from Sim2′s Granc Cinema C3X Lumis can perform all the usual functions. So you can use the device to project a 1080p image on any surface up to 16.5 feet wide. But the big attraction is that it can even project 3D images through one lens.

Price: $50,000

4. Platinum Starlight HDMI Cables

When you are splurging on hi-tech gadgets, why scrimp on the cables? Especially since you get high-end cables these days to suit your extravagant lifestyle. Try the Platinum Starlight series of HDMI cables from Wireworld. The contacts of these cables are made of gold. These come wrapped in a double helix design made of silver and carbon fiber.

Price: 3,000

5. R-evolution Stealth Turntable

Are you an LP fan? Then try the R-evolution Stealth, a turntable from Audio Consulting that has a wooden look and feel. Hi-tech steel, bronze and ceramics make up the mechanics. The turntable runs on battery, and is energy efficient. It uses only 2 watts of power while running.

Price: $28,400

6. Versace Unique

The “first luxury touchphone” is here. If you do not mind parting with some hard-earned cash for this high-end smartphone, check out the Versace Unique which uses Android and LG’s Real Touch technology. What makes this one of the most luxurious gadgets? A body that is built of 18-carat gold and real alligator skin.

Price: $6,500

7. Motorola Motopure H12 Bluetooth Headset

Since you are going overboard with your splurging on luxury gadgets anyway, at least have a look at the Motorola Motopure H12 Bluetooth headset. This beauty is crafted out of 18-carat gold and adorned with 246 diamonds.

Price: $6,547

8. Discovery 925 Bluetooth Headset

If you are feeling even more extravagant, splash out on the Discovery 925 Bluetooth headset, which comes with a five-figure price tag. This headset oozes classic luxury thanks to generous use of gold and diamonds.

Price: $50,000

9. Red Epic-M Cameras

This one is for the chronic home-video-shooter. Albeit, one with a lot of cash to spare. And it does not get better than the Red Epic-M cameras. Even James Cameron bought 50 of these while shooting Avatar. This gadget lets you capture a video image that is 5120 pixels wide at 120 fps. Plus, there are a host of add-ons that you could keep collecting.

Price: $58,000

10. Leica M9 Titanium Digicam

Every shutterbug dreams of owning a Leica. More so, when it is made of titanium. Leicas are among the world’s most expensive gadgets because of their retro styling and four-thirds sensor cameras. The titanium camera also boasts of leather trim and has been built in collaboration with Walter de’Silva of the Audi Design Team. There is also a lens-hood mount and LEDs providing backlight for the sensor.

Price: $32,000

11. iLunatik iPod Nano Watch Case

Here is another way to make sure your new iPod Nano turns heads wherever you go. The iLunatik white gold case from ZShock is decked with diamonds that have been set by hand. It is the perfect way to make your iPod resemble one of the world’s most expensive music players.

Price: $18,000

12. Genesis 2.2 Speakers

This one is being described as “the Ferrari of Speakers”. The Genesis 2.2 speakers are 6.5 feet high, have a suite of 1-inch speakers down the front and four 8-inch woofers at the back. They come with a servo-controlled bass amplifier. The speakers weigh 1,400 pounds and come with a suspension system and spikes to keep it rooted to the floor.

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