Zoom Along the Highway Like a Dane in a Zenvo ST1

The Zenvo ST1 is the first super car introduced by Zenvo automobile manufacturer. ST1 stands for super charger, Turbo, and 1 for the model number one respectively, The Indiana importer, by name Red sea Distribution has brought both the ST1 and Dartz Kombat to the US. If you have deep pockets, consider buying a car like this which could also mean that you are filthy rich. The car is mid-engined, and closed with a price tag $1,225,000.

The super vehicle is provided with a 7 litre V8 engine as the power is available through its super charger and turbo of 1,104 horsepower and 1,055ft-lb. of torque.  It is built in Denmark with a brilliant design, and the body is made of carbon fibre. It can be used for every day purpose. Around 15 of these limited edition cars would grace the market.

The Dartz Kombat is of 8.1 litre V8 engine with a speed of 180km/h. The car is well equipped to give protection. The vehicle is bulletproof, and also resistant to grenades and AK47. Why would anyone want a car with such security measures unless you are the president of a nation, or have a lot of enemies? Maybe if you are considering buying this car, you really do have a lot of enemies! It is priced at $225,000.

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