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Zidane Ingenieur: Watch dedicated to Zizou unveiled by IWC

Zinedine Zidane is one of the greatest players that the world of football has seen. His 3 FIFA World Player of the Year are good enough to prove that. So in his honour IWC had brought out a commemorative watch. Named IWC Zidane Big Ingenieur, it was one watch that looked perfect on any wrist. Now in 2010, IWC has brought out another watch to commemorate his glory. The watch holds the same name. Only the year has changed.

The 2008 edition saw only 1000 watches produced. This time around the edition is even more limited with just 500 watches. A word of advice; those who are diehard fans of the football god should really hurry. These things sell like hot pancakes. This new watch has a brown dial and a brown strap, though it is hard to see that in the photos. IWC says that the man himself was personally involved in selecting the design and colour scheme of the time piece.

You can’t really go wrong with this watch. The looks are really really smart and it works well too. If that’s not enough, it’s dedicated to Zizou! The other minute details in this watch include the red numerals “10” representing his jersey number, “27” and “45”, which stand for the minutes when he scored his most memorable goal at the World Cup Finals in 1998, which France won fair and square 3:0 against Brazil at the Stade de France in Paris. The watch is priced at US$15,000.

Via: Blog.Perpetuelle

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