World’s Most Expensive Hotel Suite Costs $80,000 A Night

Most people think that expensive hotel suites are in places like Dubai or Las Vegas, but in truth, it is not. The world’s most luxurious hotel suite is in Geneva, Switzerland. This hotel has beaten other deluxe hotel for the title. The Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson is the world’s most expensive, with rates starting at around $80,000 per night.

hotel president wilson geneva switzerland most expensive suite world luxury

At more or less $80,000 a night, the penthouse suite at Hotel President Wilson is officially named as the most expensive hotel in the world. Guests staying in the Royal Penthouse Suite have everything they would want and the hotel didn’t disappoint. They are not left wanting for much as the suite has 12 elegant bedrooms and 12 marble bathrooms, as well as a terrace with views of the Alps that can move any musicians to write a song. Aside from the beautifully decorated bedrooms and breathtaking views, VIPs staying in the suite without an entourage are provided with a private staff, should they need them. There is a butler, personal chef, as well as an assistant to cater to their needs.

hotel president wilson geneva switzerland most expensive suite world luxury

In addition to having been named as the world’s most expensive room, the Royal Penthouse Suite has the largest suite in Europe, too. The suite has a staggering 5, 500 square feet of luxury. The size of the room is enough to occupy an entire eight floor. What’s more! The wraparound terrace that gives guests an uninterrupted view of Geneva’s Lac Leman, has a telescope that can be used for stargazing on clear nights.

hotel president wilson geneva switzerland most expensive suite world luxury

The penthouse suite can accommodate up to 12 guests without any problem, each one has their own bedroom. If you divide the cost of the room to 12 people, it would be approximately $6,600 per person. The infamous Royal Penthouse Suite has two master bedrooms, each one comes with a marble bathroom and a Jacuzzi overlooking the lake. Each bathroom has been stocked with expensive toiletries and products from Hermes.

The extravagant suite is also equipped with top-notch security features because it is often booked by celebrities and dignitaries with encourage. The windows are bulletproof, a private elevator takes guests directly to the room and there is a reinforced safe, as well as emergency alarm buttons all over the suite. The best feature of the suite is the private en-suite gym, it gives VIPs complete privacy when working out. They can sweat profusely without worrying if anybody sees them. The room has also been equipped with superior amenities like a large TV by Bang &Olufsen, a Steinway grand piano, and rare and ancient art pieces.

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