World’s most expensive bath: A dip in the Eighth Continent!

There is absolutely nothing more relaxing than taking a soothing dip after a long day’s work to ease the strain and pamper your tired senses. Various showers and bathtub firms will tell you how good their own shower system is at accomplishing this with wacky nozzles and weird pressure points and all. But nothing in this world compares to the experience of the world’s most expensive bath… A dip at $50,000 a piece! That of course is just the starting price and depending on whether you want it at the spa or your own home. So what is so freaking special about this one bath, you ask?

For starters the water used is apparently from brought from the arctic glaciers to maintain pristine and untouched purity (We are only assuming even the transportation is equally clean). Then there is the matter of healing Hawaiian sea water, rare butter that is found in the island of Borneo and Peruvian Pink Salt, crystallized in natural springs located 10,000 feet above sea level. The moment you take a dip the goodness from all these elements combine to apparently give you the bath of a lifetime.

Well, that and one other little component called 24-carat gold… That’s right they put gold in your bath tub hoping it will help you shine like the precious metal. Heard of the gold face packs in Japan? Well, similar concept here, just different execution. So if you wish to take the ultimate plunge the Me! Bath will get you there with their Eighth Continent.

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