Windhoek: The New Namibian Luxury Destination

While Namibia is not exactly known as a luxury destination, it is slowly but certainly turning into one. With a glorious history and an even more glorious architecture, the city is bound to attract the moneyed intellectuals from all around the world.

It may not be the typical Las Vegas where the rich might want to go and gamble away. Namibia’s capital Windhoek is a city where you could relax, learn history, admire architecture and sip beer at your convenience.

The prosperity of the city can be seen in its bustling streets and the glamorous downtown. Hotel Heinitzburg, 22 Heinitzburg Street has great rooms to stay which begin at £197. It offers panoramic views of the mountains and is perched on top of the highest hill in Windhoek in a castle.

The Craft Café in the Old Brewery, Old Breweries Building is yet another place to enjoy great lunch, while the bar at the Thule Hotel, 1 Gorges Street could be a great place to grab a drink. Margie Oxford at telegraph reveals these little bits of details and also speaks of the German colonial past.

The Hotel Heinitzburg, 22 Heinitzburg Street (00264 61 249597;

Thule Hotel, 1 Gorges Street (61 371950;

Joe’s Beerhouse, 160 Nelson Mandela Avenue (61 232457)

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