Wimco Villas Launches Rental Service For Luxury Villas In North America

One of the premier luxury villa rental services in the United States, Wimco Villas has announced the launch of an all nee rental services program, where in the company will now be offering luxury villas for rental in North America. These villas have been selected specifically from the Nantucket Island – the St. Barts of New England. There will be a total of 30 villas up for rent from March 30th 2010.

As per the program, the consumers who would hire these villas will be provided with a complete package of concierge travel services, adding more shine to the already blossoming vacation home rentals market in the Nantucket islands. Furthermore, Wimco has also announced that, all the guests who would reserve a seven night Nantucket booking via Wimco will automatically be eligible to enter into a draw, where in the winner will be awarded with a free week long stay in a two-bedroom Wimco villa on St Barts. To add icing to the cake, Wimco has stated that, all those clients whose booking are in conjunction with the Nantucket Wine Festival from May 19-23, 2010, will be provided with a complimentary set of mixed wines, when they come to their villas.

The Nantucket villa rental program from Wimco is being organized at a time, when the island is going to become a spotlight for some of the most prestigious events, such as the Nantucket Restaurant Week, Nantucket Film Festival etc. To mark these occasions, Wimco is also providing the clients with exclusive concierge service for the film festival, where in the clients can purchase tickets for selected screening events. Furthermore, in regards to the Restaurant Week, Wimco will be giving out “Friend of the Island” restaurant cards that would give the clients 10% discount on lunches and dinners at Toppers, Brant Point Grill and Harbor Wok etc.

According to Stiles Bennet (V.P, Marketing, Wimco)

“No longer do you have to ‘do it yourself’ in Nantucket. Up to now arranging services has been a bit tricky on the island and not easily or readily available with most vacation rentals. The Wimco travel services model is all about making your vacation as seamless and easy as possible starting from the moment you contact Wimco to inquire about a vacation rental.”


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