Will Social Commerce Benefit the Luxury Brands or Dilute its Identity?

The increasing usage of social media by the young adults has turned it into an important marketing medium for the valuable brands. But it is not enough to stick a logo, some boilerplate marketing copy and a handful of ads on your Twitter, Foursquare or Facebook page and call it a campaign. If you want to leverage the strength of the platform you must adapt to the medium and mould the campaign as the users want to socialize with their favorite brands the way they do with their friends.

Strategic social media presence helps shape consumer and brand behavior. It increases brand and personal value. Brands have started realizing this fact and are giving consumers a reason to feel special and wanted via social media outlets. Brands like Gap and Urban Outfitters have devised special offers for visitors who interact on their page on Foursquare or Facebook.

Some analysts believe that the exclusivity that some of the brands have built over the years would be lost if they tried to get down and engage with the regular consumer. So how do companies strike a balance to maintain their exclusivity and yet avail the benefits that social commerce has to offer?

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