Wifi Networks Now Becoming A Taken For Granted Amenity In The Hospitality Industry

Long gone are those days when, you went online to read a review of a hotel and the first negative aspect to be found was the lack of an active internet connection or more specifically a wifi connection. Nowadays, as most of our activities are conducted online, from e-mails to financial transactions and with the immense advancements made in the technology of the web, the hospitality industry, especially the hotels now come with wifi connectivity, to let you stay in touch with the world and carry on with your work.

In the case of business travelers, the availability of numerous wifi spots during and at their destinations has increased significantly and for those who might not be aware of these hot spots, they can easily find the wifi networks by using WiFi Alliance’s hot spot finder, that enables the users to choose from a myriad of wifi access points, both free and paid as well. However, in the extreme case of unavailability of a wifi spot or a poor wifi connection in the hotel rooms, such travelers can easily visit numerous truck stops located at Interstates across the U.S, that offer Internet access for as low as $10, and some of these truck stops are even known to provide desktop spaces as well.

Apart from the abovementioned tools, with the advent of smart phones, that practically place the Internet in your pocket, users now have the freedom of accessing the web with their cellular network connections. Then, there are the ever present Air Cards, small USB plug-in devices, that can be used with laptops and work on cellular networks, thereby providing instant Internet access, even in places where wifi cannot be found. Yet, the concept of an active and successful wifi connection in hotel rooms as now become a non-negotiable entity, wherein, the hotels have realized the importance of wifi for their customers. Although, many luxury and high end hotels, end up charging their guests for daily access, yet the mid level and budget hotels are known to provide this service for no additional cost.

According to Carl Schneider (Founder, GuestRights),

“When the recession occurred, it appeared that convention hotels were still dug in, seeing Wi-Fi charges as a continuing source of revenue. They seemed to feel they had a captive audience, that business travelers definitely needed the Wi-Fi and would pay for it in addition to the room rate for corporate meetings and conventions.”

Via New York Times

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