Why Some Fortune 500 Companies Don’t Stay At The Top

Long before business analysts and market prophets came into being, everyone knew that every dog has his day, and those who are at the top would eventually fall down, no matter what. Though bleak, many companies should realize that one single move or mistake could bring them down no matter how successful they are.

The best of such examples can be found in Fortune 500 list, where several companies that were at the top eventually fall down because or despite their mistakes. Luck too, seems to play a very big role. Toll Brothers who last appeared in the Fortune 500 in 2008 are currently at 914. They began to sell wholesale luxury homes and became America’s hottest home builders. People lined up and bought the houses like cakes, and the builders could not match the demand and now, the price of the houses has fallen down resulting in terrible losses for the company.

Constellation Brands also were in the 2008 list of Fortune 500, and now they have dropped to 549. They began to buy several premium wine companies fuelled by a shopping spree. Now, they plan to stick to basic wine snobbery without getting greedy. Liz Claiborne CEO Bill McComb whose current rank is 645 has a story of his own to tell, which you could read at the CNN website along with other detailed reports.

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