Why Certain Celebrities Rent Out Their Yahcts and Houses

If you always wanted to know what the most famous pirate in the world lives like, you could go and ask for his yacht on rent. Johnny Depp rents out his VaJoLiRoJa yacht, for a ridiculously high price to those who are willing to spend.

The name of the yacht is bizarre and is a reference to himself, his wife Vanessa Paradis (37) and their kids Lily Rose and Jack. If you would like to stay on his yacht for some time, you would have to spend an astounding amount of €84,000 for seven days. Mick Jagger, the wrinkly POPstar in the guise of a rock singer rents out his luxury villa in Mustique in the Caribbean costs ‘only’ around €11,200 per week.

I would say, go ahead and buy a yacht for yourself instead of trying to live the lives of greedy celebrities who are trying to make money off the rich who are gullible. Like they say, with money doesn’t come intelligence, and with intelligence comes money. If only certain people understood that, they would not be thinking about spending 84,000 Euros on Johnny Depp’s yacht just for a period of one week.


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  • The yacht sleeps 10 people and has all the luxuries you could want, including satellite tv, gaming, a library, wifi and equipment for all sorts of water activities. Having people rent it while he’s not using it for the rest of the year also keeps the crew of 8 (incl prof chef) employed and happy. If I had the $, I’d rent it in a heartbeat.

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