White House Gingerbread Cake Looks Sumptuous and Mouth-watering

Different sizes and shapes of human figures, made of homemade fresh gingerbread has been a Christmas tradition. The 2010 white chocolate gingerbread White House unveiled by first lady Michelle Obama and Chef Bill Yosses looks astonishingly opulent. Executive pastry chef of the White House had used 350 pounds weighing Gingerbread to build the White House with white chocolate cover.

From the beehive of white house, 30 pounds of honey was used to prepare the gingerbread.  Condensed milk and almond paste was used to create the replica of first dog Bo. Again using the almond paste, replica of fruits and vegetable garden was created. A Douglas fir of 18 ½ feet is fixed firmly to the ceiling which is the official Christmas tree of White House to honor the country.

I wonder who would get to taste a piece of the White House pie, and the more I think about it, the more political the cake seems to be. Perhaps for the American citizens, it is the government’s way of  saying that one can’t have the cake and eat it as well, for most Americans live behind the façade of affluence, where as in reality, most of them work too hard, for too little money, or there is no work at all.

Via: Washington Post

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