When You Have the Money Why Share, Asks Ultimate Yacht Vacations

If you believe that luxury is all about privacy and staying apart from the crowd, you need to know that no matter how luxurious a cruise is, if other people are swimming along with you, it is no luxury. Ultimate Yacht Vacations understands this and has begun to provide staterooms aboard luxurious yachts for throwaway prices.

With safety and comfort being the top priorities, you could be sure that the highly trained captain, chef, and stewardess will ensure everything goes right. These chartered yachts offer more privacy than your bedroom, and could just be the way to live life, if you can afford to stay on them for years. You could choose between 4 or 8 days on the yacht of your choice.

Bars would be open throughout the trip and the meals would be prepared on board by a great chef. You could choose between Master, VIP and Deluxe staterooms. With great views across the sea, and a setting sun, you could forget the world and also not be bothered that someone is checking you out from the corner, thanks to the lack of co-passengers. Some of the places that you would visit are Canouan, Grenada, Grenadines, Leeward Islands, Martinique, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and US Virgin Islands.

Via: PR Web

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