Well Renowned Jewelry Designer, Stefano Canturi Brings The ‘World’s Rarest Barbie’ Doll

For decades, the incredibly famous Barbie Doll has been one of the best friends and the most lovable toy of little girls around the world and is cherished by millions as a collectible item. Now, one of the most well renowned jewelry designers, Stefano Canturi, has unveiled an all new gorgeous Barbie doll, that is also being touted as the ‘World’s Rarest Barbie’ doll.

The all new Barbie has been designed by Mr. Canturi himself and has given attention to every detail of this lovely doll, from the make up to the very frame, dress and shoes of Barbie. Stefano has given Barbie dazzling and tiny expensive set of jewelry, that look more like the designer’s incredibly famous Cubism collection of lace worked carre and baguette cut diamond jewelry. The Barbie jewelry is comprised of three carats of white diamonds, a signature Canturi necklace with a one carat, emerald cut pink diamond, which is considered to be one of rarest of stones. This gorgeous and highly expensive Barbie doll is slated for an auction at Christie’s, during the “Magnificent Jewels” sale in New York on October 20th, 2010. The most astounding fact of the auctions is that, Stefano Canturi will be donating all 100% of the proceeds to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. However, before the auction commences in October, this incredible and most rare Barbie doll is slated for a tour of London, Geneva, Shanghai and Las Vegas.

According to Stefano Canturi,

“I wanted the jewelry design to pay homage to Barbie’s modern yet timeless style, this is why I applied my Cubism design concept to her look; it is perfect for her.”

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