Want some Crystallized salt and pepper? Here is Swarovski encrusted salt shaker!

Crystallized Swarovski crystal, the contemporary salt and pepper spreader is a fusion of artistry and functionality.

It is probably for those who want to live luxuriously. The Swarovski-encrusted salt shaker is handmade from the magical Macassar Ebony Tischaaccesorries and crystallized with 2640 crystals. It is designed by the House of Dick Furniture studio.

It is timelessly modern and rich in heritage and has always captures the mood of the moment and has become an essential ingredient in contemporary design. It boasts intricate handmade details. The marked price is $4900 and they exclusively come with customized offer to adorn your family crest, company logo or may be down the years commemorating your marriage anniversary.

Seasoned with luxury this salt and pepper seems to me not worth spending for. I mean it’s beautiful and all and crystallized, but who cares when you can have the same uncrystallized version under $10. After all it’s just salt and pepper and you are not going to use it that much anyways. Maybe you can put it for safe keeping in the grandma’s crystal cupboard. But again it’s for the elite who might think it’s worth it. So pick your battles! I am not up for it!

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