Wallyship: For those who love to stay at sea!

There are those who love to stay put on land and get sick as soon as they any amount of considerable time out on the waves and then there are those who love to hit the high seas and love the smell of the ocean irrespective of how long it lasts. Wallyship is designed for the latter though, with the latest from the specialist luxury yacht makers designed to keep you completely and utterly pampered as you enjoy the delights of the water world. Coming in two models; the 26m Wallyship and the 36m Wallyship, the luxury carrier is as much a work of art and engineering as it is a hub of comfort and luxury.

With large and spacious interiors and plenty of open space even on the deck, Wallyship concentrates on providing you with ample space and a sense of freedom when you are away from the shore. The sleek and slender design, ergonomic style, streamline body that is perfect for cutting through waves and futuristic chic look make it a must have for those who love to be cuddled in coziness.

Sporting three decks, the 26 m Wallyship has a large sunbathing and lounge area on the top one, main deck that features two social cockpits and a third deck for guest and services. With splendid wooden interiors of your choice you can customize Wallyship which starts at a price of € 4.5milion. Shipping begins in 2011, so you need to order one today for it to reach your dock as early as possible.

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