Victoria: Mega Yacht Marina Project in Legal Imbroglio

The Victoria Mayor Dean has put the mega-yacht Marina project on hold, this decision of the mayor has created quite a stir in the air. The $20 million dollar project has been raising eyebrows since the day it was proposed, and now the marina developer may seek legal help. The mayor was forced to take this decision after a recent study by a consultant revealed that the marina would limit boat access and would also block the view of the park.

The matters got so worse that the Victoria had to call in its riparian rights, according to which, nobody gets to mess with the “aesthetic and functional values of the park.” Well, these claims are not baseless, as they have conducted a real-time test. This test included a 36 feet fire boat (which is an average size) and as it turned out the city’s emergency vessel had a big time trouble coming out of it.

The city is even nudging the federal government to conduct similar tests again to testify their statement. All in all, it has become a huge circus and from the looks of it one can easily tell that this is not going to settle anytime soon!

via: globaltvbc

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