Vacheron Constantin Celebrates The 200th Anniversary of Venezuela’s Independence

For some reason, which I cannot fathom, luxury watch companies seem to be very keen on celebrating the various important events taking place in South America. We have seen famous brands bringing out special edition watches celebrating the Independence Day of Mexico, Argentina, Brazil etc. And now it seems to be the turn of Venezuela. This time around it is Vacheron Constantin that is celebrating the 200th anniversary of Venezuela’s Independence, which was achieved under the famous General Simon Bolivar, way back in 1810.

Apparently, Vacheron Constantin has had business connections with Venezuela ever since 1835, though the actual watch sales of the company started in 1922. Whatever be the case, the connection is pretty old. The watch will be based on the recent Patrimony Contemporaine and will see the production of only 19 pieces (such collections are invariably limited editions). Ten pieces in the collection will be made of rose gold, while the rest will be made with platinum.

The movement is a manually wound Calibre 1400 and the dial hasn’t been overdone and kept simple yet sophisticated. The caseback is very special and has a beautiful engraving honouring the bicentennial celebrations of Venezuela’s Independence.

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