Usher In A Classic Aura With The All New Richard’s Secretary Trunk

In the 21st century age of mobile devices and other technological marvels, the role of traditional office space is fast being placed by a plethora of tech devices such as automatic doors, video-conferencing systems and even the secretaries, who used to carry a notepad and a pen are now seen carrying Apple iPad tablets. Though these devices have greatly simplified office work and definitely contributed to efficiency and enhanced production, yet there are times, when the heart yearns to go back to the old times of simplicity, whether it be your personal life or your office space. Now, one of the foremost names in luxury home furnishings, Restoration Hardware, has come out with a gorgeous new product that dates back to the 20th century and has been fully restored and presented as a vintage office furnishing.

The all new resurrected Richard’s Secretary Trunk originally belonged to a 20th century English traveler, Tom Richards, as per the name mentioned on the trunk itself, when it was first discovered. After entering the European antique market, Richard’s Secretary Trunk found its way into the hands of Timothy Oulton, where this magnificent vintage traveler trunk was then dismantled and recreated to the exact specification of the original variant. The wooden frames of the trunk have been given a coating of water-resistant hand-waxed canvas, while the outer shell consists of aged bamboo that has been complemented with antiqued brass. On the inside, Richard’s Secretary Trunk is adorned with canvas and this marvelous vintage traveler’s trunk carries price tag of a staggering $4495.

Via Restoration Hardware 

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