United Brands Releases its 2011 Top 10 Lists for Jewelry and Watch

The top luxury brands of the world have to keep working on several fronts simultaneously to sustain their position in the market. In the premium luxury and fashion design segment the brands are always striving hard to figure in the relevant listings and rankings done by the professional bodies on an annual basis. It matters a lot in determining the consumer perception about a brand. Topping any list gives the brand a lot of prestige and recognition from the consumers. United Brands released its 2011 top 10 lists of the highest-ranking jewelry brands, watch, and diamond brands in the world.

There were several categories for which the top ten lists were released. For jewelry there were several sections and sub sections. The jewelry brands were categorized as fashion design, bridal design, premium luxury and luxury. It was an opportunity for forty global luxury jewelry brands to feature in a ranking list. Cartier topped the list in the luxury segment but came second to Graff in the premium luxury segment. Roberto Coin heads the fashion design list and Neil Lane heads the list of jewelry brand for bridal design as well as the list for jewelry designers. There are only two segments for watches – super premium and luxury watch brands with Patek Philippe and Rolex emerging on top respectively.

United Brands has undertaken extensive research to prepare the final list in every segment. The executives, consultants and affiliates of United Brands have a fixed criteria and parameters on which they assess every brand before ranking them in a list. The final rankings depend on a variety of factors, including product quality, design, performance, value, consumer perception and recognition, brand differentiation, and marketing effectiveness. It is definitely not easy to make it to one of these lists but the tougher part for the brands is to retain their position in the list year after year.

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