Unica: Inoxpiu’s wonderful mobile gourmet kitchen

Mobile kitchen home keep on coming and going. They all offer to bring everything that a kitchen needs in one compact set. Some of them are actually good, and many not that much. Here is another offering in that genre called Unica by Inoxpiu. When one goes through its features and more so its customizable features, one begins to think if this is the best that has come out so far.

The mobile kitchen set combines modern technology, with contemporary aesthetics and complete functionality. It offers you to have it all. This limited edition comes on wheels which enables it to be moved to any space in the house or outside, like in the garden for a little picnic. This limited edition by the way is actually really limited. It is just one out nine!

Now let’s talk about the customizable features. The best thing about this is that you can literally put in this kitchen set whatever you wish for. The colour can be changed, be it blue, black, ivory or ruby. The main working plan can also be altered according to your choice. It can be hard stones like granite or porphyry, or the durable stainless steel. Other finer details can also be worked out according to your whims and fancies.

Via: Trendir

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