Uber Luxury Taxi Service to Take San Francisco by Storm

The idea of using Uber is to input your location into the app of your Smartphone, and your taxi service would be available within ten minutes. San Francisco based Uber is very professional, and all you have to do is send a text and your frustration would be over, and you will be picked up on your way to the destination. When the black car reaches you, you will recieve a text. The drivers of the Uber car are professional and friendly and will take you directly to your hotel or desired destination. After your arrival all you would need to do is thank him for his service. The payment with inclusion of tips is embedded in the app as per your credit card information already given and there is no need of cash settling, and figuring out the tips.


The moment you enters your pickup destination you could see a map of Uber cars available in the specified area. From this you will have an idea, how far away Uber is and picking up time accordingly. It is very convenient and luxurious than a cab for frequent traveler who need not bother about taking credit cards with him and the number of the cab company and more. The driver is happy with the earnings as it slightly better than a city cab. Uber cars help him in planning of his driving schedule and it would be a pleasure for him to work in a more civilized atmosphere.

The impeccable town car is the 21st century transportation which is available currently in New York, Washington D.C. Seattle, Chicago, and Boston. The service is available in Paris on a limited basis. Uber has future plan to expand their service nationwide, Asia and Europe.


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