U-101 the underwater superyacht’s design revealed

Some days back we had discussed about the superyacht that could travel on land as well as sea. The design for U-101 superyacht has been revealed. This awesome boat can dive beneath the waves and explore the murky waters of the sea bed.

U-101 is the latest to have redefined the cruising experience in marine industry. Although there are many commercially viable private submarines built to accompany superyachts, but this one has an upper edge when it comes to cruising experience.

Brainchild of Genoa based Marina Colombo and Sebastian Vida it is aimed at the top end of the luxury yacht market. Powered by diesel engines undersea yacht U-101 can switch to electric motors when submerged. The boat 66.5 meters long can cover a surface area of more than 700 meter square.

There is no report yet whether the boat will see the light of the day. However if it proceeds, the construction would present a huge engineering challenge and it would present a huge engineering challenge. It would most likely have to be built entirely of composites, carbon fire and aerospace alloys.

The superyacht includes an integrated stabilization system to increase the element of comfort whether above or under water. It also features a modern exterior design along with contemporary designs.

via motorboatsmonthly

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