Turanor PlanetSolar Makes Sure Luxury Cruises Don’t Leave Behind Carbon Prints

Turanor PlanetSolar is a 102 feet long vessel that is to be docked this weekend in Miami. It is powered by solar energy and the Turanor costs about $20 million. The platform of 5,700sq/ft of Turanor is covered by the thin glass of photovoltaic panels, which is the source electrical energy, and acts as a charger for the large lithium ion battery, which will last for 3-4 days in the absence of sun.

Guests on ship need not depend on natural resource consuming engines or generators to use electrical appliances. Alternatively solar energy generates electricity for hot showers, for food storage and to use refrigerators, computers, laptops, DVD etc.

The application of green technology enables the owners of boats, to sail on high seas without much worry. Refueling the gas or diesel engines, or to repair the generators of marine would be a challenge. However, with the help of crew members who can manage themselves repairing the solar system, the captain can sail through the rough wind or high seas comfortably.

The globe can be scaled through the solar powered yacht at the cost of twenty million dollars, if you want to own it. The green tech boat encourages the green traveler to choose the right cruise, and if the cruise organizers have a ship like this, it just means that the traveler need not worry about carbon footprints.

Via: Green Celebrity

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