Travelteq Unveils Uber-chic X Cicli Maestro Bicycle

Just a couple of years after Travelteq’s trip suitcase was released, they have brought out the X Cicli Maestro bicycle. The simple two wheeler is the most popular and common travelling mode of the country. It seems day by day as this simple mode of transport gaining prominence, the company is inspired to create high quality products that excel in the competitive world.

Travelteq and Milan based bike experts Cicli Maestro have entered into a joint venture to create a Traveler Bike. The stylish bicycle is handmade single speed bike. The steel frame has three layers of ivory paint coat. The handlebar is of either city oriented or a sport style which come in Italian leather grips. It features brooks leather saddles.

The bike is always unique and recognizable. They use steel frames for its resistance on the road with its cushioning and elasticity, which always stood the testing time. The adjustments help in adapting preferable height of the bike. The frames will have spray coats. The base layer follows two more ivory coating and protective transparent glossy layer. The accessories like tires, rims, bar tape and saddle will be in vibrant colors. The single speed bike with flip-flop hubs or coaster brake allows you to choose to go either fixed or freewheel. The reinforced nylon cords construction of tires makes it durable. Alloy made handlebars come in three varieties, give maximum lightness and resistance. The bike comprises of parts like 5-arm spider with stack bolts, 18T sprocket, CB E110 brakes, aluminium 48T chain wheel and stainless steel pokes. It is priced at $1,105. Delivery would take a month’s duration.



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