Travel with a Scent of Departure

While traveling it is a city’s vibrant culture, the history, its food, the people that usually leave an impressionable mark on our lives. But so may not be the case with avid globetrotters like Gerald Ghislain, who unlike the usual run of the mill traveler, is mesmerized by a city’s unique fragrance and aroma. What happens next is that he decides to capture this fragrance in a bottle and launches an enticing and ‘one of its kind’ fragrance collection known as the Scent of Departure.

A perfumer by profession, Gerald Ghislain is known for narrating tales of his many travels not through pictures but through the city’s peculiar perfume and it was through his fragrance collection that he’s made a sincere dedication to all the cities that he has traveled so far. “I travel all over the world, and perfume is how I tell a story and describe emotions,” states Gerald. “So one day, I got the idea to capture the essence of the cities I love and am so drawn to through scent”, he further added.

The Scent of Departure

The Scent of Departure has captured the essence of 17 countries across the globe. Over the years he has transformed his travel memoirs into spritz. The collection of perfumes for both men and women remind you of the cities and their true culture. If the aroma of Earl Grey and citrus entraps you when you’re walking down the streets of London, then New York’s hustle bustle and its sweet smell of rose notes and apple will entice you. The smell of Miami’s mojitos and Singapore’s orchid blossom’s will lift your spirits.

While capturing the fragrances of cities across the world Gerald has also kept alive the spirit of travelling in his fragrance collection. The bottles have been labelled with a luggage travel tag and also the IATA three letter codes for cities (such as FRA for Frankfurt) have been embossed on the perfume bottles. This makes for an interesting and unique design. Gerald Ghislain has also included smaller cities and towns along with the more obvious cosmopolitan destinations. For instance, Bali also finds a place in his collection after he was charmed by the smell of the Tiare flowers and coconut that permeate the city.

The Scent of Collection has been reasonably priced. The tag of $45 ensures that everyone including the budget shoppers along with the rich and affluent can get a whiff of London, New York, Paris, Franfurt and Dubai just by opening a bottle. The Scent of Departure was first put up for sale at the Henri Bendel on 24th April. An international trip to promote the fragrance of the world’s 20 most beautiful cities is in the offing.

Make sure you get the fragrance of your favorite city soon for as the owners claim that the Scent of Departure is “not only a perfume, not just a souvenir, The Scent of Departure is the essence of a city in a bottle. A gift to a loved one, a souvenir as a reminder of a wonderful time, an object to collect as you travel the world….”

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