Top Fashion Luxury Brands And Virtual Shops

Luxury shopping has become easier thanks to the virtual shops floated by almost all top fashion brands like Gucci, Prada, Armani, LVMH, Prada, Burberry and others. One need not catch a flight to fashion capitals like Paris, New York to check out latest designs and collections for most of them can be seen online. Fashion houses have hired hi-tech firms like Yoox which create and manage the exclusive websites. Marketing and reaching out to wider section of the world is definitely easier now through internet but doesn’t it affect exclusivity of the brand?

Apparently it doesn’t affect or dilute the brand presence. Some fashion houses don’t open doors to all virtual viewers but they send out special invites to select few who can go through latest designs. They deny access to pages to other ‘window’ shoppers. Thus they build a connection with exclusive customers. Some of them even use iPhone applications like FourSquare to build a trusted network through customers.

It is smart marketing move by fashion world where fashion changes every day. One has to wait and watch fall-out of these virtual shops. Maybe fashion and designs will change even faster because now collections will reach people’s homes across globe even before Fashion Week ends in Milan or Paris.

Of course nothing can beat the joy and glamour of real fashion world and real time shopping. True shopaholics will still need to feel the fabric, check out designs of different accessories and possess them.

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