Tonino Lamboghini Launches his Caffe in Malaysia

Tonino Lamboghini is better known as the son of Ferruuccio who introduced the Lamborghini to the auto world. Tonino, though, is now talking about coffee, specially the gourmet brew that carries his family name. He founded the Tonino Lamborghini Group in 1981. He had started off by designing a watch but midway through the nineties Tonino launched his gourmet range that included high quality coffee and wines, pasta and sauces.

Lamborghini Caffe has become a household name in Italy and some parts of Europe, it is attempting to repeat the success story in Malaysia. Tonino, 63, believes that flavour is like design. One should not try and understand or interpret it. Its message has to be evident and sensual. He was talking at the launch of Lamborghini Caffe at the Bangsar Shopping Centre in the Klang Valley.

Tonino was addressing the members of the media during a breakfast session. Though Italy did not produce any coffee the Italians love their espresso. His father produced high quality wine so he came up with high quality coffee. He did not want to pitch his coffee as superior to other brands but guaranteed the highest quality that is generally associated with the Lamborghini brand. For a promotional campaign shoppers who mention Tonino Lamborghini Caffe” will get a complementary coffee at O’Gourmet Food Hall, Bangsar Shopping Centre. The campaign is on till March 9.

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