Titanic Awards: The Worst of the Travel World

Mostly on travel sites you encounter the lists which indicate the best hotels to stay in, the best resorts to visit, most exotic travel destinations and the like. However, no one tells you which are the worst hotels to stay at, which cities are the unfriendliest and other such important life saving information which is usually overlooked.

The Titanic Awards is a site that documents all the “world’s worsts” in travel. In fact, Doug Lansky, the editor of the site has turned the site into a book which can be bought on the Amazon for $10.04.

It tells you which are the worst airlines ever, the countries with the worst beer and other such information. For a change, you would see and read something that tells you the truth instead of the sugar-coated and sycophantic appreciations of hotels and resorts which usually happens on all the travel sites and blogs.

It would be nice to get hold of a copy of this book and make sure that you would not go to any of the wrong places and sometimes it is just plain entertaining. You could read about other people’s experiences and make sure that your are better than theirs.

Via: Jaunted

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