Tired of Burglars? Try this burglar-proof house in Cape Town

Burglaries can take a toll on a person especially when they lose count of how many times their houses have been broken into and their valuables stolen. Eileen Mijilof, 52, and her husband of twenty years have gone though the same over and over again in their Cape Town, South African home.

Frustrated Mr. Mijilof, 75, finally came up with the idea to construct a burglar-proof two storey house which was completed in 2000. He got the idea by looking at the squirrels and the birds. The squirrels when chased would run until they got to the end of the branches and would not be fearful because they knew they’d both fall if they move forward. Taking this lesson from nature, Mr. Mijilof designed the Y-shaped fortress that they claim is impossible to break in.

Adding they said that the burglars were never violent. The couple is originally from Liverpool and now are selling the fortress in the Higgovale and moving to the whale watching town of Hermanus. The house enjoys a panoramic view of Cape Town and the ocean beyond and is on the market for about 1.1m pounds.

The house is safely balanced on top of a secure garage but the foundation is 20ft deep and 10ft by 40ft long. The middle class homes in South Africa unfortunately do not have burglar bars, alarms, security doors etc. If the couples house is not bugled ever, may be the South African government will start building homes based on the same design.


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