Thousand and One Nights Inspires 1,001 Meters High Skyscraper and Silk City in Kuwait

Kuwait is the fifth richest country in terms of per capita income. It is a tiny country in the gulf region but it is practically floating on oil. It is their oil that has made them rich and because of the high oil prices the government of Kuwait is in a position to announce a super luxury infrastructure project worth $132 billion. In fact the project size is even bigger. This investment has been committed by the government and apart from this there are some private backers of the project as well.

It could be labeled the most radical, ambitious and expensive construction project of the region. The massive project has been envisaged as a new lavish city just opposite the existing Kuwait City. It has been named Madinat al Hareer which means the Silk City. The design is very elaborate and modern but is based on the traditional concepts of the region. The inspiration for the central structure in the design is obviously the Arabian stories of The Thousand and One Nights.

The designer city will feature numerous bridges, an expansive sports complex, convention centers and a duty free mall. The city will be developed around a thousand and one meter skyscraper. This is a very large project which will take time in execution. The city is scheduled to be completed in 2023. The project has kicked off in right earnest as construction of infrastructure has already begun. CivicArts is the architecture firm that has been working on the ambitious design and if they are able to translate their design into reality then the Silk City in Kuwait will become the most impressive city of the world.

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