This year’s most expensive house up on the market

Real estate investor Richard J Kurtz spent two years of his life building a dream house. This dream house is the five storey mansion called Stone House. This massive property includes 12 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, an elevator to go to the multiple floors, and several other features like a huge wine cellar, a gym, a beautiful pool etc. But Kurtz says that he wont be staying in this dream house as it is too big for him and his wife.

Why did he build it then? Well he initially intended to stay there but the more he expanded the structure, the more he wanted to add on. In the end he realized that it was not for him. So now he has decided to sell it off. The estimated price is supposed to $68 million. According to Dennis McCormack of Prominent Properties Sotheby’s International Realty, this will be the second highest price for a mansion after the Aaron Spelling house, which fetched a mind blowing price of $150 million.

This might be too hefty a sum to ask for in this economic slowdown, but Kurtz is optimistic. He believes that he has created something great, and something that is good will always attracts buyers. We hope so too!


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