This 6 person motorized lounger is lots of fun!

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. That won’t be a problem anymore with this motorized oasis that comes with a cooler! This innovation is truly awesome. One could just go on a small trip with friends on this boat like thing and not worry about little things such as food and water, or entertainment for that matter!

Built to accommodate six people, this motorized oasis has built in speakers, a cooler and a self propeller. All you have to do is sit, and sail away to glory. Fitted with an electric motor, the lounger can be moved around in a pool, lake or any calm water body at a speed of 2 kmph. It can be steered in whichever direction with the help of an outboard-style handle.

Four waterproof 4.8-watt stereo speakers take care of the entertainment. Your iPod or MP3 player can be attached to these speakers to provide crystal clear sound. And you don’t have to worry about the instrument getting wet as there is a plastic case to protect it. To take care of your thirst, there are 6 cup holders and a detachable cooler with a capacity for 12 cans and ice.

It measures about 10′ across, and is made  from .45 mm PVC that is resistant to punctures and fading. There are separate rechargeable battery packs that power the motor for an hours duration, when charged overnight, while the speakers last for 7-9 hours, when charged for 5 hours from the AC charger. The lounger can be inflated with the help of a 12V air pump  and can carry about 900 lbs of weight.

Via: Hammacher

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