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The X-Train: A casino on wheels!

Some people just can’t wait. But when it comes to Las Vegas then I guess all of us lose the virtue of patience. Those lucky enough to go to Las Vegas and enjoy all that is offered by the city more often than not expect the journey to Sin City to be as exciting as the stay. This alas is not the case as one drives towards this oasis in the desert. However all that is about to change.

Here comes a luxury train that is going to make you feel like you are in Vegas! Yes, this train that runs from Los Angeles to Las Vegas has gaming tables, a sports bar, which serves food and beverages in this 5.5 hour long journey. Hence, one can now enjoy the fun and games that casinos offer, even before one reaches the land of casinos.

This casino on wheels is named the X-Train and will be ideal for those who are gambling enthusiasts or for those who don’t want to waste their time during the long journey. This luxury rail is the first of its kind and apart from the gambling facilities, it also is extremely comfortable.


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