The Top 5 Billionaires Who Lead A More Subtle Life!

With the launch of numerous gadgets, cars, planes and various luxury items, most of us many a times wish that were has a couple of million dollars, so we even we could taste the rich life of luxury and comfort. But, there are a few billionaires, who are high level entrepreneurs and very successful men, who inspite of their vast fortunes, prefer to live with a subtle and down to earth lifestyle.

One of such individuals is Warren Buffett, the owner of Berkshire Hathaway and the author of numerous bestsellers. Mr. Buffett has an estimated net worth of a whopping $47 billion. Yet, he prefers to life a low profile lifestyle, without big yachts and luxury private jets. Mr. Buffett and his wife have been residing in a $31,500 house they purchased about 50 years ago and he mostly prefers a good ol’ American burger, fries with Coke rather than the highly expensive cuisines of the five star hotels and restaurants.

Another such individual is Carlos Slim from Mexico, who was recently bestowed upon with the title of the richest man on earth with a net estimate of  $53 billion. Even Mr.Slim doesn’t own any unwarranted luxuries and has been residing in the same house for more than 40 years. Ingvar Kamprad, the Swedish furniture behemoth, who made a name for himself with the introduction of affordable, assemble-it-yourself furniture, prefers to travel in coach class when he is taking a flight for business and when he goes out in his local area, instead of a Mercedes, Mr. Kamprad takes out his 5-year-old Volvo 240 GL.

Another remarkable billionaire who is not charmed by the billions of dollars is Chuck Feeney, the co-founder of Duty Free Shoppers doesn’t spend a single penny on needless luxuries and is known to be one of the biggest donors, as he has already contributed billions to schools, research departments and hospitals. Furthermore, Mr. Feeney prefers to travels via public transportation and get his wardrobe from retail outlets. A similar example is set by the billionaire, Frederik Meijer, the owner of the Meijer grocery stores. He is known to drive modest cars for local travels and when away on business, prefers to stay in reasonable motels, rather than in luxury hotels.

Via SF Gate

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