The Surrey: A Hotel with a Glamorous Past

If you asked me to sum up the description of the luxury hotel, The Surrey, to one word, I would say ‘glamorous’. Yes, that is what this hotel is, it can make you feel like a celebrity, even if you are one hideous face in the crowd! Located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, it is one hotel where you can spot most of the celebrities in the town.

Back in 1930’s, celebrities like Claudette Colbert and Betty Davis used to stay in the fabulous original Surrey. This hotel witnessed and was a part of their lives. Now, this hotel has been refurbished by interior designer Lauren Rottet, who is made sure that the hotel doesn’t loose its luster and integrity.

The best thing about this Hotel is it can take good care of your pets, which most of the hotels of that stature resist doing. Besides all the famous hospitality, this hotel is also famous for its breath-taking views, private rooftop gardens, exotic spa and of course the much celebrated Café Boulud (for which you need to make a reservation in well advance).

All in all the glamour quotient of this hotel is so high that it will make you forget all your worries and treat you like a film star!

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