The Savage Beauty Catalogue of Alexander McQueen’s Work Gives You a Glimpse of His Creative Genius

Savage Beauty brings out the contradiction inherent in and his work very aptly. The upcoming exhibition by that name, of the entire work by the genius British designer in his two decade long career, is creating a buzz amongst people who are passionate about fashion. The catalog that has been prepared for the exhibition has now become available and the images are stunning to say the least. It details the progression in Alexander McQueen’s work right from the collection he had created for his graduation at the Central St Martins College of Art to the last collection that was shown in the Paris Fashion Week posthumously.

The much anticipated exhibition will be launched at the Met Ball on 2nd May but will open for public viewing on May 4th. The exhibition will run through July 31st. The excitement is rising as the D day approaches. As you can see in the photographs, the exhibition will be showcasing some of the iconic creations by McQueen. The catalog contains some of the quotations by McQueen which are as provocative as his designs -“People find my things sometimes aggressive. But I don’t see it as aggressive. I see it as romantic, dealing with the dark side of personality” Another highlight of the catalog is the interview of Sarah Burton by Tim Blanks.

Sarah Burton was the designer’s right hand and has succeeded him as the creative director at the label. She talks nostalgically about how the designer mastered the art to weave, engineer, and print any digital image onto a garment so that all the pattern pieces matched up with the design on every seam. She talks about McQueen’s concern about the old techniques that were being lost, the importance he gave to craftsmanship and the fact that he was saddened by the trend of people doing less and less with their hands.

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