‘The Origami Yacht’ is here to ride the waters with arrogance

Every day we hear about the new innovative designs in yachts and wonder what the next will look like owing to the fact that all of them look slick and amazingly designed.

Well as they say there is always room for perfection, so here we have another yacht known as ‘The Origami Yacht’ designed by Fabio Federici the proud winner of  ‘The Braking Design Awards’ in 2006 and ‘The Millennium Yacht Design Awards’ in 2009. Feredici graduated in Industrial Design from the ‘Politecnico di Milano’ university and works with the designer’s office for Sloth Design.

The new yacht epitomizes beauty at sea and is a multipurpose yacht that allows an experience of the sea like never before. It features a multi-functional deck that allows you to use is as desired. It’s simple yet original design features flowing and elongate lines.

Origani’s distinctive feature lays in navigation which she easily does by closing the wings that makes her fast and aerodynamic. When anchored, she opens its walls to allow the user enjoy greater space on the main bridge with the sea view of 360 degrees. She comes in silver gray color with black topping. Sharp looking this yacht definitely promises a great ride. The project is still on papers but it is estimated that it would cost around 6 million Euros.

via slothdesign

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