The Official Ferrari Opus to Debut at the Australian Grand Prix

If it is a Ferrari, it has to be grand. So what if it is not a car! It is The Official Ferrari Opus. At $275,000 it is a true Ferrari experience. The Opus will debut at the 2011 Melbourne Grand Prix on the 27th of March. The Italian super car manufacturer has enhanced its reputation by producing the most lavish and valuable reference for everything Ferrari. The Opus has details of every car Ferrari has ever produced.

It cannot be called a book and it is much more than a simple history of the iconic brand and the fantastic cars it has produced over the years. With a dimension of 50cmx 50 cm the Opus weighs 37 Kgs. It has 852 pages filled with 2,000 images along with 2000,000 words. There is lot there that has never been published before. Antonio Ghini, the creative advisor behind the project calls it a triumphant opera whose score is made up of cars, technology, history and achievements.

The Enzo Diamante edition of the Opus will debut at the Australian Grand Prix. It boasts of a diamond encrusted Prancing Horse created with more than 30 carats of Diamond on the hand crafted red leather cover. There are gate fold pictures in the opus that open out to become 2 meters long. The Enzo Diamante owner will become part of a lucky draw that could win him a Ferrari F1 car. For those who think one cannot spend $275,000 on a book, there is Enzo edition for $34,925, Cavallino Rampante edition for $6,545 and Classic edition for $3,520. These will all be limited editions not more than 500 copies.

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