The New Hermes Beach Towels are the Most Expensive in the World

Hermes is selling a luxurious beach towel that they have priced at $530. The price makes it, perhaps, the world’s most expensive beach towel. They have not gone in for embellishment with crystals or gem stones or gilded gold. You might find it a bit difficult to differentiate it from other better beach towels but Hermes seems to be convinced about their brand value and you are expected to pay 400% extra for that.

It is, no doubt a very good beach towel and you would love to own one. The print is perfect and the material is a 100% cotton and very soft to the touch. The size of the towel is the standard 36” X 60”. It isn’t as if you would get something extra since you are paying so much. No it is the most expensive and not the biggest.

The eye catching towel, of course has a discreet little logo that differentiates it from the rest. The packaging also has a lot of aesthetic appeal. The towel comes in an understated orange box. One way to dilute the price of the towel is to buy a luxury travel package on some magnificent beach and club the cost of the towel with the package.

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