The Need for Luxury Eco-tourism in Madagascar Reaches an Alarming Level

Madagascar may have been made famous by the Disney movie, but the state of affairs in the country is dismal. Its natural parks are neglected, and its cities and heritage sites desperately need money for sustenance.

While Madagascar has to find a way on its own to get its act together, it is being observed that a luxury eco-tourism would help the island nation receive the money it so desperately needs to keep its environment clean.

This is perhaps when luxury industry can help the environment: by enforcing a high-end tourism strategy so that money flows into Madagascar and reaches the poverty stricken people who have been indulging in slash and burn agriculture, mining, logging and hunting.

The severe environmental degradation of Madagascar can be stopped only with the kind of money that luxury tourism brings with it. Since the idea is to promote environmental protection, luxury eco-tourism is what is required in this nation.

Simon Reeve, of BBC ‘Tropic of Cancer’ revealed that Madagascar’s National Parks are almost completely funded by eco-tourism. If people do not visit them, and if the authorities do not have the money to sustain them, people would cut down the park and turn it into a desert.

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